Cabrillo Grads


haley & camden

I should’ve posted these a while back, but here are some of my favorites from Haley & Camden’s engagement shoot!! I may or may not have gotten frostbite after this photoshoot…. E N J O Y !

Jay & Isabelle

Yay for friends who trust you with your photography skills! This session was short and sweet, so there are only a few to share! Stay tuned for more couples photos!

Christmas Cards Design

So as you may have seen, I took Audrey and Justice’s family pictures. Well Audrey was super nice and brought me some homemade hand scrub and so I decided to do her Christmas cards! I designed both, but the first option is what Audrey ended up choosing.

Option 1:

P.S. Ignore the weird coloration of this one. The trees and grass are showing up extra green for whatever reason.

Option 2:

The Williams Family

Say hello to the Williams family! We took these photos on a cold afternoon, so don’t be fooled by everyone’s smiles! We were freezing!

Even though the Williams family has so much going on, they were able to fit me into their busy schedule! They definitely entertained me more than I entertained them (Job fail!). Plus they made the photography super easy because they are all already so good looking!

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