know the task

Wow before I was a photographer I thought photoshoots were these fun little adventures that you just get too do willy nilly. And they are totally a blast, don’t get me wrong. ¬†Boy it’s different on the other side. As an amateur photgrapher, I spent most of my thinking time on my camera settings and getting Alyssa to “smile for real”. I just wanted to sit down and be real for a second about how challenging these can be; at least for me. It takes at least 7-8 shots to get a decent one… We may have taken near 200 shots and only liked 25-30 of them. Be patient and know that real photography is fun, but it’s also a true task!



I had so much fun in COMM 300(Digital Imaging). I learned so much about digital imaging. I took a film class in high school so I knew some basic settings, but I loved learning these things. It was so interesting to watch everyone develop styles and comfort zones(including myself). I have learned from my peers, from my instructor, and also from my camera!

I loved the trip that we took to Bannack, it really solidified my abilities and interests. I am so glad we got to go and I am forever grateful for the things that I learned.

I used Adobe Indesign to create this photobook. I used all of my own images and their accompanying edits. I edited all the images in this book using Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Contest

These photos are the photos I submitted to the contest at I chose this contest because it was free, easy, and I keep the rights to my photos.
I chose these three photos because I wanted to do something different for all of them so I added architecture, portraiture, and macrophotography. These were some of my favorites. I never posted the one of Adam staring out the window before but I figured a contest would be the perfect opportunity for that.
I submitted my photos on 8 July 2017.