Behavioral Placement

“Television always influences behavior” says the woman being interviewed.

I think that this statement depends on one’s moral values-  sure, there are some things you can try to portray over television and I am not saying that this is not a good idea- but I would like to submit that you can only go so far with that. If I grew up in a liberal family then the values being portrayed MOST CLOSELY to my beliefs are things that I may decide to practice, and vice versa.

It is an interesting concept having behavioral placement in TV shows- it goes to show that the experts have really hit the head on the nail; they know that humans will take action based on something they watch on a frequent basis- and if that’s one way that they can get us to take action, then why not?


Apple Product Placement

Reading the articles and doing some research online really opened my eyes to Product Placement. Since I don’t watch a ton of things that are popular on Television/Netflix, it was difficult for me to picture how companies advertise through shows and movies. Some of the most popularity Apple has received are from Modern Family, The Simpsons, The Office, Sex and the City, and 24.

Personally, I have never watched a movie and thought ‘wow remember that one scene where that one character was doing that one thing with that one product- yeah I want one of those…do they exist?’ I know I have seen a few shows where they take something that already exists and twist it into something that is different but still the same, such as on the show iCarly, where they use pear phones and pear pads- ridiculously similar to apple products. This could also be considered product placement since thousands of people are watching the show every week.

All of the shows I listed above are sure giving Apple some really good popularity. Product placement is all around us, and sometimes it is difficult to identify even if you are the target audience.  I can’t think of any specific films that have racked my memory and made me want to buy something besides the segway from Mall Cop. It is my goal to be more aware of product placement and to see how it affects companies and the stocks and bonds they are integrating.

Julian Treasure- The impact of Sound

I liked that he gave so many good examples of things we hear and things we associate that sound with.

The statistics he gave of productivity and sales were really astounding. It is interesting that we can live our daily lives and just think of things we are hearing as normal. The beginning of that when he played the sound effects of the city made me realize how loud and distracting it really was. I think that is part of the reason we have music options for the Testing Center- so that we can focus better and improve our productivity.

Something that he pointed out that was interesting was that it affects us behaviorally, and that really sparked my interest because its true. We associate different kinds of music with different kinds of activities, and maybe even times of the year I might suggest. I think we should all try to be more aware of what kinds of sounds we are associating with different activities and the physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral effects it is having on us.

The Trustworthy Question

Before I write anything else about this post, I just want to clarify that I have no political bias at this point, and I am analyzing the video based on my understanding of Media Literacy.

I saw this Ad on my Facebook feed posted by someone who has continuously showed their political standings on Facebook to be against Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. The Caption read “The Most Powerful Anti-Hillary Ad Yet…This Could Change Everything”. The first thing I noticed was that the title was quite confident. Do the makers of the video think they can single-handedly crumble an accomplished woman’s presidential campaign? The makers of the video are sponsored at the end, which means they are openly against Mrs. Clinton and her campaign.

I am not one who endorses posting political views, especially on a public pages- this opens the doors of cyber bullying and thousands of people spreading a spirit of contention and misunderstanding over the internet. Heavenly Father is not a God of contention or anger. Jesus Christ teaches “then ye may know if ye are my disciples…if ye have love one to another“. This got me thinking about the person who posted this- are they trying to affect my view of those running for President in the 2016 Election?

Secondly, I thought of the company who put together this video. They surprisingly did a fantastic job of editing and it was compelling and thought-provoking to watch. The information seemed to all be put in context except for two possible soundbites that particularly stood out to me.

At about  18 seconds Hillary is recorded saying “I am proud of the work we have done; to elevate diplomacy and development…” Which is one of the soundbites that could have been taken out of context. Maybe if the editors would have included a chyron at the bottom of the screen that read ‘Secretary Clinton at the FBI investigation of email scandal’ and it would have provided some context for the sentence she says in that part.

At about 30 seconds Hillary is videoed saying “What difference, at this point, does it make?” supposedly referring to the email scandal where she allegedly deleted 30,000 classified emails. The video uses her words in that context, but is the way that the video portrayed that made their motives clear. They sealed their fate so to speak, and personally, as a viewer, I began to question the source and if the source itself was trustworthy, let alone Secretary Clinton.