Police Violence and Public Outcry

This week I read an article from the Wall Street Journal titled “Police Push Back Scrutiny of Fatal Shootings” and the literal subheading is “New Pew survey finds six in 10 Americans see a broader problem in police killing of black men”.

First of all, is the subheading a dead give away into who is going to profit from this article?

Secondly, out of the representative number “six out of ten” what kind of demographics were those people living in? Were they rich, poor, educated, non-educated, live in a more conservative or more liberal state? This post is so vague that I am disappointed. Apparently more ‘whites’ (42%) have ‘a lot’ of faith in their local police compared to a whopping 14% of blacks. Are the blacks who were part of the survey media literate? Or did they just assume that ‘all cops are bad’?

It is interesting to see how the media can take something and attempt to put a giant blanket of obliviousness over it like nobody will ever question the motives, the data, the information. This was week 3 of learning to be more media literate.


The Vote Ad

I apologize for any sexual or profane reference in this video (there are like 5.) But I saw this ad on Facebook, and for the first 10 seconds I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that these celebrities were encouraging the U.S. citizens to vote, and as the video went on I fell into a deep thought about who was promoting this video.  As one part of the video mentions that the only way that society can prove that voting is important is if a bunch of famous people come together and promote it for us.  Then it started to resonate within me- has our generation stooped so low that we have ‘come to terms’ and decided that our patriotic duty doesn’t matter when it comes to an election with the “unfavorable” options we have?

The more the video went on, the more you could tell it was scripted. “Of course it was scripted” you may think– but are the implications of that conflicting with the message? Is the fact that they all make an insignificant promise to their audience counteracting the intended promotion that everyone should register to vote? The longer I watched this video, the more disappointed I became. Since it was scripted, is there any meaning or emotional connection? Or is this just “another show, another promo” for them?

It is our duty as Americans to be involved in our communities, in our callings, in our wards, in our homes, in the classroom, and especially in our country. The fact that this video even exists kind of disgusts me. Think about what you can do for your country.