Sharee & Jacob

Say hello to my roommate Sharee and her fiance, Jacob! I was so honored to do their engagement photos and so so so pleased with the outcome! Here are some of my favorites from their shoot earlier this month!



Jay & Isabelle

Yay for friends who trust you with your photography skills! This session was short and sweet, so there are only a few to share! Stay tuned for more couples photos!

The Williams Family

Say hello to the Williams family! We took these photos on a cold afternoon, so don’t be fooled by everyone’s smiles! We were freezing!

Even though the Williams family has so much going on, they were able to fit me into their busy schedule! They definitely entertained me more than I entertained them (Job fail!). Plus they made the photography super easy because they are all already so good looking!

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Audrey & Justice

I’ve known Audrey for like 4 years and I was so excited to take their family photos! We went to this beautiful little orchard and we found some really unique spots for these good looking people! I was so lucky they gave me this opportunity and I am so happy with the outcome! They have such a cute little family!!

know the task

Wow before I was a photographer I thought photoshoots were these fun little adventures that you just get too do willy nilly. And they are totally a blast, don’t get me wrong. ¬†Boy it’s different on the other side. As an amateur photgrapher, I spent most of my thinking time on my camera settings and getting Alyssa to “smile for real”. I just wanted to sit down and be real for a second about how challenging these can be; at least for me. It takes at least 7-8 shots to get a decent one… We may have taken near 200 shots and only liked 25-30 of them. Be patient and know that real photography is fun, but it’s also a true task!