Alyssa’s Senior Portraits

Here are some more fun ones from Alyssa’s shoot this week!


Senior Portraits – Alyssa

Alyssa – Sneak Peek of the Session! It looks like she’s a natural in these photos but something we learned about Alyssa is that she hates modelling, so she probably won’t ever do this again. Take a look!


I had so much fun in COMM 300(Digital Imaging). I learned so much about digital imaging. I took a film class in high school so I knew some basic settings, but I loved learning these things. It was so interesting to watch everyone develop styles and comfort zones(including myself). I have learned from my peers, from my instructor, and also from my camera!

I loved the trip that we took to Bannack, it really solidified my abilities and interests. I am so glad we got to go and I am forever grateful for the things that I learned.

I used Adobe Indesign to create this photobook. I used all of my own images and their accompanying edits. I edited all the images in this book using Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Contest

These photos are the photos I submitted to the contest at I chose this contest because it was free, easy, and I keep the rights to my photos.
I chose these three photos because I wanted to do something different for all of them so I added architecture, portraiture, and macrophotography. These were some of my favorites. I never posted the one of Adam staring out the window before but I figured a contest would be the perfect opportunity for that.
I submitted my photos on 8 July 2017.

Jack – Portraits

This category is the beginning of my photography practice. I’ve dedicated myself to keep learning to take better portraits and to make better edits. This is my newborn cousin, Jack. He’s practically perfect in every way!