Portraits & Enhancements

Side Composition:

Head and Shoulders:

Full Body Portrait:

Group Candid

Group Posed

Individual Environmental

Part 2: Enhancements

Image 1: My roommate, Elena. I cleaned up some of the acne on her face.

Image 2: I significantly whitened my Dad’s teeth. The lighting made his teeth look really yellow.

Color Replacement:

This was quite the task with Rosie’s textured shirt but I think it came out nicely.


Portraits, where to even begin. It is difficult to get people in front of the camera in a way that they are comfortable. The side composition was difficult because I had so much light it was difficult to do at a large aperture because my subject was getting blown out. Personally I found it a struggle to do the full body portrait because I kept wanting to focus on the face.

Group things: I am glad I had the opportunity to work with guys as well as girls, and even them together. It was an interesting experience to work with both. The first group one I just told my brother and his girlfriend to wait for a second while I figured out the light (Thank  you Brother Miller, this totally worked) and they started making jokes and I snapped one while they weren’t looking. The second was a little more difficult, trying to work with so much light and some really patchy shade.

The Individual Environmental is an image of a baby (18 months) looking at all the toys in my grandpa’s toy room, and I had to turn my ISO up quite a bit because there was not very much light in that room.

The next few portraits were some friends and family. See the descriptions above for my edits.


Reflectors Activity

Before: This image was without the reflector. I tried to emphasize the shadow showing on the left side of her face.

After: This image was taken with the gold side of the reflector. It really lightens up the side of her face that was dark

For this image, I walked in front of her so that the light was behind her and used the white side of the reflector to bounce the light off of the sun. This kept the light nice and even on her face still.

For this photo, I had Liberty sit in the shade. As she sat in the shade we used the gold reflector and feathered it a bit to keep the light more even on her face.

This was a helpful and instructive activity even though there wasn’t really enough time to try a lot of different techniques and the weather wasn’t in the ideal conditions.

Close Up & Personal: Macro

Two macro images with water on vegetation:

Two macro images that are not of vegetation:

I absolutely loved this assignment despite the amount of patience it takes to do macro photos. I loved looking around the house and trying to be creative. The strawberry and the cutie images were taken on different days and in completely different lighting. The strawberry is a little tough to se the water on, but it was the only clear photo I could get. The cutie was a bit easier because I didn’t have to have anyone hold it for me. (Strawberries are a little weirdly shaped so it was tough to get it in the right position). On the other images of the peephole I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

I liked using Lightroom for this project. There are a lot of things that I like but I really can’t decide which I like more (Photoshop or Lightroom). Enjoy!

Perspective of 12

I am not going to lie, this was a huge challenge for me and I think I really stretched myself to get some good photos(literally and figuratively). The collage was a bit difficult for me with sizing and gutters and everything as well. The image on the bottom in the middle is actually backgrounded against the sky. I did very little editing on that one. I feel like the colors threw me off too, it was difficult to find backgrounds that were compatible with my theme. The following four images are my favorite from the shoots I had! Hope you enjoy!

Depth – Deep & Shallow

1. Title of photo – branches & clouds  2. Date, Time, Place – Monday, May 8 around 8 PM on Temple grounds 3. Focal Length – 32.00 m 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/14.0 5. Shutter Speed – 1/25 sec (I did not use a tripod, but I stabilized my arms on a ledge nearby)

1. Title of photo – Temple  2. Date, Time, Place – Monday, May 8 around 8 pm on temple grounds 3. Focal Length –  18.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/11 5. Shutter Speed 1/100 sec

1. Title of photo – Blossoms 2. Date, Time, Place – Monday, May 8 around 7:30 PM Thomas Ricks gardens at BYU-Idaho 3. Focal Length – 41.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/5.6  5. Shutter Speed – 1/84 sec

1. Title of photo –  Redbush 2. Date, Time, Place – Monday May 8 around 8 pm temple grounds  3. Focal Length – 43.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/5.0  5. Shutter Speed – 1/10 sec

1. Title of photo – Spring 2. Date, Time, Place – Monday, May 8 around 8 pm on temple grounds 3. Focal Length –  55.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/5.6  5. Shutter Speed – 1/85 sec

1. Title of photo – Banjo 2. Date, Time, Place – Tuesday, May 9 around 3:30 pm Mountain lofts 3. Focal Length –   55.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) – f/5.6  5. Shutter Speed – 1/1000 sec



Like I have mentioned before, I really enjoy photographing nature. Nature doesn’t lie and in my opinion it can be easier to work with than people! My first go-to is flowers because they have so much detail in the center that no one should ignore! The deep depth of field was more difficult for me to do for this project because I could not come up with as many ideas as I normally would. Shallow is fun because you don’t have to worry about the background as much because it isn’t the focus. I know these pictures are all pretty similar, but I liked doing this project.

The banjo was pretty tricky because I was at such a weird angle but the depth turned out pretty nicely I think. The license plate was also tricky because I was trying to get the letters at eye level.

Also for shallow I couldn’t decide which images to keep and which images to get rid of so I just inserted all of them!

Motion: Freeze & Blur

1 (Freeze Motion). Title- Twirl Central 2. Date – 01 May 2017, between 3 & 4 PM. Outside the Colonial complex in Rexburg, Idaho. – 3. Focal Length –  24.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) –  f/4.0; 5. Shutter Speed –1/500 sec 6. Canon Rebel DLSR

Process: I forced my roommate to be my model for this one. She was a model for the art department so she’s a good one to have. Anyways, It took me probably 10 or so shots to actually figure out when to push the button as she was spinning. I kept getting the very beginning or the tail end. I think I really got more comfortable behind the camera. I understood the lighting better with how the shutter works as well. The one day I wanted it to be a bit more breezy in Rexburg…

2(Freeze Motion). Title- Come at me  2. Date – 01 May 2017, between 3 & 4 PM. Outside the Colonial complex in Rexburg, Idaho. – 3. Focal Length 18.00 mm  4. F/stop (aperture) – f/3/5;  5. Shutter Speed  – 1/500 sec  6. Canon Rebel DLSR

Process: The idea for this was mostly because the twirling wasn’t working for the hair flip. So I figured I could try and get one of her just flipping it on demand. It took a few tries to get the lighting right since we didn’t have the sun on our side anymore, but I kept the shutter speed and backed up a little to get more light.

1 (Blur motion). Title – The Rolling Oranges 2. Date: 02 May 2017, between 7 & 8 PM. Inside my apartment complex in Rexburg, Idaho.  3. Focal Length – 24.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) –  f/13; 5. Shutter Speed  –  1/8 sec 6. Canon Rebel DLSR Other: tripod

Process: For this picture I had to set my tripod up. I don’t have a lot of things in my apartment that bounce or roll easily(I was trying to go for movement), so this is what I came up with. I was going to tip the bucket over with a finger and then take the picture as the oranges were rolling towards the camera. Some of the oranges hadn’t even made it out of the bucket yet so you get both sides of blur and freeze.

2(Blur motion). Title- 52 pick up 2. Date:  02 May 2017, between 7 & 8 PM. Outside the Colonial complex in Rexburg, Idaho. – 3. Focal Length –  23.00 mm 4. F/stop (aperture) –  f/3.5; 5. Shutter Speed  – 1/10 sec 6. Canon Rebel DLSR – Other: tripod

Process: Out of the million and a half photos I took of the cards, I think this one turned out the best. This was me trying to flip the cards with a fairly slow shutter speed. When I tried anything slower than this, everything still seemed to be in focus which is what I didn’t want. I’m not super experienced with photography but with this photo I could feel the creative juices flowing.