Fine Art Print

I chose this image for my fine art print because it was one of my favorites from Bannack and it got the most votes on my critique. I took this shot in a random house in Bannack. It was the part of my day where I was just trying to squeeze the last of my creative juices out and what do you know? This awesome-looking staircase with so many colors and perfect lighting. (I did make it a bit darker). I still wanted a pretty deep depth of field so I stood in the corner and nestled my elbows into my side and took this shot.

This image really taught me about what editing can do, because the original image is good, but the edited image is better. I adjusted the curves and added a multiply filter in Adobe Photoshop. Hopefully I can keep developing my skills and take another that is the best. I have already printed it and it looks awesome.


Composite Image

Quite honestly, I feel like my creativity is all burned out. I tried so hard to think of things I wanted to do that weren’t super cliche. I just decided I’d take a bunch of pictures and try to decide what I could do and this is how they turned out. I took the background image at Nature Park around sunset, so the original picture is pretty dark. (The thumbnail is the edited version I used for this post.) The second photo I took of my grandpa’s dog this weekend. He’s super old but acts super young so I got a photo of him kind of pouncing towards me. Enjoy!

Top 5 Images

How do you even start off a post like this? It was so difficult for me to choose my favorites. My favorites changed throughout the semester, some looked better on the camera than in photoshop and vice versa. Here are the top 5 that I chose out of all the images I took this semester, in order of when I took them:

Photobook Layout – First Post


For this assignment, I chose to use photos from my Perspective of Twelve assignment. I chose this because I felt like it’d be a good way to kick off my design, talking about looking through a new lens, seeing things in a different way. The images I used were edited. I did not re-edit original photos. I’m really excited about the full book, so stay tuned for the rest of my designs! Please comment in ways I can improve, I’d really appreciate the feedback!

Bannack – Themed Images

Photobook Cover Design


Well I learned a lot from this process. Once we started taking macro photos in class and doing the activity and assignment, I knew I wanted more of it. Something about getting up close really peaked my interest and it was so fun at Bannack using the skills I developed to take some quality images. I am really proud of these macro images and I hope to continue to take them.

A lot of these images were pretty straightforward as far as the process goes. Something I noticed about my camera (although I am not sure about other cameras) is that my line of focus is vertical. So in situations where I had less light, I usually did a portrait orientation to get the most focus out of the image. The more light I had, the easier it got to take landscape photos where everything was in focus. With macro you really have to get down and dirty and that was something I really enjoyed doing with these photos.

For the typography on my images I chose the following fonts:

  1. Goldoni – Serif
  2. Lane – sans-serif

I tried to keep it really simple because my photos are so close up that I didn’t want the text to be too distracting. Enjoy!

Bannack Best – Creative

Bannack Best – Creative


Out of the Box


This set of photos is probably my favorite. I loved the Bannack trip and I’m glad to share my best photos. That is the one problem I have with this course is that I don’t have enough time to be creative, so I really appreciated the trip because I had the whole day to think up things and try new settings. The model for the out-of the box portrait actually was giving us ideas as photographers. It was really interesting to see what he was willing to do and the things we could come up with together.