Photobook Design

The objective for this project was to design a Portfolio Photobook where I can put my images. I used photos of nature to create a relaxed feeling. Like I have mentioned before, I do not have a lot of experience with photography. Since this is the case, I have only used two of my own images. I tried to get both parts of the tree in the texture, the wood texture on the left and the leaf texture on the right. I feel like this united the natural theme going on in the photos.

Photo Credits

Tree Texture: Free stock textures
Leaf Texture: BG Fons Texture
Forest photo: Pexels
Crystal ball photo: Pexels
Autumn Pathway photo: Pexels


Welcome Bio and Past Photos


Hello, all! My name is Ashley Stewart and I am originally from the Santa Barbara coast of California. I graduated high school in 2015,  so I am almost halfway through my studies here at BYU-Idaho. My major is interdisciplinary studies with a minor in Computer Information Technology and an Emphasis in Visual Communications. I look forward to getting to know each of you.

I don’t have a ton of experience with photography. I took a film photography class in high school and it was interesting but we were extremely restricted as to what we could photograph and how we could photograph it, so I am looking forward to having more opportunities to take better photos. When I took COMM 130,  I was introduced to the basics of Photoshop and I got a little comfortable with it. I am looking forward to extending my abilities with that as well.

Past Photos: 

Like I said previously, I really don’t have too much experience with photography which is one of the reasons I am excited to get more comfortable behind the camera. Here are some photos that I took for some projects in COMM 130 last spring. I stayed pretty close to nature just because I am a strong believer that nature never lies.